I always knew I would someday run a marathon.

I knew it since November of 2008 when I headed out to run on a track behind a high school near my house. I even took pictures of the damn track (above) so I’d remember where I started. Sure, I could barely run one lap. Sure, my lungs nearly exploded. But I knew I’d make it here… someday.

I’m no athlete. I just love to run. I figure if anything is worth starting, it’s worth going all the way. So I raced 5k, then 10k. Then 10 miles. And a half marathon (2:04). But I’m not done yet. I want to be a marathoner. Actually, my goal is to qualify for the New York Marathon. I’m 27, so that means I have to run 26.2 miles in 3:23. No easy feat.

I can’t do this alone. So I’m starting this blog as a means of support and to track my progress. For me, it will be a source of motivation and an excuse to write about something I love. For you, I hope it will also be motivating, plus entertaining, and fun. But I also want to contribute something practical, which is why I’m simultaneously launching a second blog: vanessareviews.wordpress.com.

Like most of us, I spend money on what I love. So I buy a lot of running stuff. Books. Shoes. Clothes. Electronic devices. Expensive little jelly beans. Anything to do with running, I want to buy it. But because I’m not likely to ever earn an income as an athlete and I’m still waiting for Nike to call, I’m forced to be selective. While it’s fairly easy to find reviews on the more expensive running purchases (shoes, heart rate monitors, etc), I find that a lot of the smaller items involve a process of trial and error. Different things work for different people, but I hope my second blog can be a resource of helpful reviews for running books and products. I figure if I’m going to buy stuff, I might as well review it and get some feedback on what has worked for others.

And so… I hope you’ll join me on this arguably insane journey. I don’t know where it will end. Maybe with a medal. Maybe in a comma. I’ve got my first marathon booked for October (details to follow in upcoming posts). 26.2 miles. How hard can it be??