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The Summit Seeker is currently on

Amazon’s List of Best Sellers in Running books!

You can view and buy my book on Amazon: The Summit Seeker

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Growing up, I didn’t have access to books of my own. I did all my obsessive reading at my local library. Without libraries, I would never have become a writer. I am now a strong supporting of local libraries and free access to reading material.

You can find The Summit Seeker at the following libraries:


Scottsdale Public Library – Civic Center Library
Scottsdale, AZ

Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library
Pine, AZ

Toronto, ON, Canada

North York Central Library

Toronto Reference Library

Maria A. Shchucka


If you would like a copy of The Summit Seeker donated to your local library, please contact with your library’s name and location.

3 responses

  1. I just bought your book yesterday after discovering you. I want to be you! <3 running and can't wait to get started!

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  3. I have about 20 pages left to read of your book and I do not want it to end. Thank you for writing this. As a canadian from northern Ontario who learned to love running during one of our winters, I especially appreciate what you wrote about running in winter. The brilliant scenery that seems to become burned into memory, the frigid cold that does not let you slow down or stop, the constant variations in running conditions from soft, slushy snow that makes your feet slip backwards a bit with every step, the hard packed styrofoam like snow that let’s you pick up speed that is unattainable in the summer to the not yet ploughed foot and a half heap of fresh snow laying on the sidewalk, waiting for you pick up your feet and bound through causing your heart rate jump even higher… You are right. Not enough it said about it. I sometimes think I would like to move someplace where there are more runners and mountains with trails to run on and perhaps it would feel like “home”. Perhaps because that’s where most of the inspiring running stories I read on the internet and in running magazines take place. You’ve reminded me that running in the winter here is not something to be taken for granted and perhaps it is even full of more untold stories. Looking forward to you next book :)

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