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The Summit Seeker is currently on

Amazon’s List of Best Sellers in Running books!

You can view and buy my book on Amazon: The Summit Seeker

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Online Publications



Growing up, I didn’t have access to books of my own. I did all my obsessive reading at my local library. Without libraries, I would never have become a writer. I am now a strong supporting of local libraries and free access to reading material.

You can find The Summit Seeker at the following libraries:


Scottsdale Public Library – Civic Center Library
Scottsdale, AZ

Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library
Pine, AZ

Toronto, ON, Canada

North York Central Library

Toronto Reference Library

Maria A. Shchucka


If you would like a copy of The Summit Seeker donated to your local library, please contact with your library’s name and location.

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2 responses

  1. I just bought your book yesterday after discovering you. I want to be you! <3 running and can't wait to get started!

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