Spartan Race Entry Giveaway


This giveaway is to celebrate the upcoming December 7th airing of the World Championship Spartan Race on NBC Sports.

In this 90-minute special, NBC follows eight professional athletes and four everyday Spartans at the Spartan Race World Championships in Killington, Vermont.


This race entry is valid for any open heat in any 2013-2104 Spartan Race in the Continental US. Check out the Spartan schedule for a race near you.

To win, simply leave a comment on this post answering the question:

“What personal or athletic advances have you made in the past 12 months?”

If you share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or any other form of social media, you get an additional entry. For example, if you share on Facebook AND Twitter, that’s two extra entries. (Leave a separate comment telling me where you shared.)

You can also use this URL to generate a 15% off code for any Spartan race:

The winner will be chosen randomly on November 25th, 2013 and contacted directly.

Don’t forget to watch on December 7th and good luck!


Direct YouTube link HERE

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41 responses

  1. What personal/physical advances? I have grown stronger mentally- I’ve moved, gotten married, started a new job, and now am working back up to my second half-marathon and several other distance races this year. So much happening, but so much of it is good!

  2. I completed my first Spartan race this year, then went on to do 3 more races to earn a trifecta medal. I went from not knowing if I’d even be able to complete the first race to looking forward to the longer distances and bigger challenges.

  3. I started running trails and completed my first 50K (and my second and third), had a couple of great training cycles despite crazy stuff like broken bones and bad biochemistry, and met an incredible community of trail runners.

  4. Well within the past year I went from barely being able to run half a mile to completing a few 13 miles races and running regularly now

  5. Running. I made a goal earlier this year to run as much as possible because i am blessed with the fact that I CAN run. I’ve run multiple 5k’s and 10k’s and my goal.for this next year is to run as many women’s races as possible and run my first half and full marathon

  6. The personal/athletic advances that I’ve made are: I’ve recently accomplished a distance PR by doing a 21 mile trail run versus my normal road races, I’ve also helped my wife start to go back to school and am looking to further my degree in the near future from her inspiring me.

  7. I did my first spartan race at miller park in wi. I went from doing nothing to running the Golden Gate Bridge with two other Spartans and I run 3.2 miles and enjoy them. It’s a start! I hope to one day travel to a far away spartan race.

  8. Accomplishment – Finally back on the bike. 1000 miles, 900 of it June or later. Done while running time and mileage continues to accumulate – now at 800 running for the year. Unlikely to hit 1k on the run this year, but that’s not my goal.

  9. I was making serious advances in my hill training/trail running, which was helping to improve my overall pace. I’m down with lower lumbar issues at the moment, but hoping to make a speedy comeback since i’m so much stronger/faster, still slow mind you, lol, but fast for me! :)

  10. Athletic advances… I’ve been focusing on core training since I’ve been getting back into doing road races. Building your core definitely helps with running.

  11. I have made significant gains in the last month. But what I am most proud of is inspiring others. To start there journey to fitness.i have a 16 year old son.i try to lead by example. I would love to win this promotion. So I can complete a spartan superbeast.

  12. 2 of my biggest accomplishments and growths this year were a new marathon PR from 5:09 to 3:53, and finishing in the top 35 in the NJ Super Spartan race in only my second elite heat!! Love Spartan Race and cant wait to complete my trifecta next year!

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