Black Canyon Trail 100K Race Entry Giveaway

Aravaipa Running is launching the inaugural Black Canyon 100K this winter, a trail point-to-point ultra from Spring Valley to New River, Arizona. They have generously offered up a free entry for a giveaway ($110 value).

The Coury brothers behind Aravaipa Running are well-known for organizing a series of exceptional races such as Across the Years and Javelina Jundred. Their events are must-dos for anyone who has not yet experienced some Coury magic (and for those who know it well!)


Date: February 15, 2014
Terrain: Single track, non-motorized jeep trail, old stagecoach route
Start Location: Mayer High School, 17300 East Mule Deer Drive, Mayer, AZ
Finish Location: Emery Henderson Trailhead,  New River Road, 3.0 miles west of I-17


  • Well-stocked aid stations every four to eight miles
  • Post-race food (soup, fresh fruit) & socializing

More Info
UltraSignUp Registration Link
Facebook Event Page


Simply leave a comment below answering the following question:

“What mental trick(s) do you use to dig deep

when you are struggling on a run?”

For additional entries, share this post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or anywhere else online. Each additional share = one extra entry. For example, if you comment below as well as share on Facebook and Twitter, that’s 3 entries. Remember to mention where you shared in the comments below.

The winner will be chosen at random on September 30th and contacted directly.

Good luck!

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36 responses

  1. I use mantras to dig deep. “This is my race and I am strong.” and, I don’t know where I got this one, but, “It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.” Also, the old standby, “Relentless forward progress.” Just staying focused on the task ahead, breaking down many miles by aid stations, and repeating these phrases, tend to get me through tough times.

    Sharing on FB and Twitter.

  2. When I am struggling, I simply remember how many hours and how many miles it took to get me where I am, and I would hate to see all that go to waste. I have never DNFed — probably jinxed myself now — but neither am I a real fast runner, either.

  3. I tell myself there are people who would do anything to trade places with you. Suck it up and quit boo-hooing. You CAN do this. Slow down if you have to, but keep moving.

  4. I am taking away time and many from my family for that. Besides, it ain’t my first rodeo, it always sucks before the end in sight. You just need to block the negative and focus on one step at a time. Literally.

  5. I’ve often found that when I’m most broken, I’m the most found! Crazy? Maybe. I often speak of dark periods during my longer runs that usually consist of 25+ miles with around 8-10,000 gain through my local mountains. I find myself most motivated when I’m broken. So, in response to your question, “what tricks do I use to dig deep when I’m struggling?” I use hard ass mountains to bring the darkness, and find resolve within my mind to shine a light leading out of the pain cave; i find motivation through strife–for life!

  6. Usually when I’m stuck in the pain cave I find a new mix on my iPod. It’s funny the way a group of songs can change that voice in your head. A few long races ago I was really struggling I forgot night gear on my previous lap counting on the sun to provide. I was dark cold and alone. I hit shuffle on George Straits 50 # 1’s Oceanfront property made me smile. Then run came on…
    “Cause I swear out there ain’t where you ought to be
    So catch a ride, catch a cab
    Don’t you know I miss you bad
    But don’t you walk to me

    Baby run, cut a path across the blue skies
    Straight in a straight line
    You can’t get here fast enough

    Find a truck and fire it up
    Lean on the gas and off the clutch
    Leave Dallas in the dust
    I need you in a rush
    So baby run”

    I knew my hubby would be waiting for me at the finish so I ran. But then my iPod died wish a mile to go. The thougt of my wonderful hubby & a toasty warm car kept me going. I got to the finish and he was there waiting with a big fluffy sweater! We all have a dark spot you just have to bounce out of it.

  7. Simply humor (I think of Sinefeld episodes, Gary Larson cartoons: slightly modified to include ultra runners…you can imagine!), any song by Rush, Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, etc.), one-step-at-a-time and groaning…they go together!

  8. I recall the lowest point in the hardest race I had done….I recollect that feeling and then the feeling of crossing the finish line at that race…..there is no comparison…..I then think of the horrible feeling I felt at my one DNF…how if I held out a second longer the pain would have passed. That feeling was far worse then the pain at the time……this has gotten me thru my lowest points……

  9. I just point out to myself that no matter how crappy I’m feeling if I give it long enough it will change… then I repeat on a continuous loop, “run smart, run strong, run happy… run happy.” The run happy has to be repeated because that’s the most important part, that’s why I run, it makes me happy.

  10. It’s funny now to ever think that 8 miles would be a tough run, but when I find myself in a painful and exhausted rut I think back to that moment on my first trail run. That 8 miles of misery-filled hill climbs and descents; the evil loose rock and sand. The way my quads, hamstrings, calves and ankles all screamed for me to walk… or better yet, stop. I re-live that moment and tell myself that it’s going to hurt whether I walk, stop, or run… and that if I can just keep running it will all be over that much sooner. That much sooner I will be able to soak my aches with ice; the sooner I can sit around with the others who claim victory that day, and rejoice over the amazing feat we just accomplished. Soon after that wave of pain will ultimately subside, I get back in a groove, and I am reminded that I am lucky to be there.

  11. Sometimes I walk and reset my brain, or I have certain song choruses which I repeat in my mind and it helps me focus on putting one foot in front of the other :) perpetual forward motion!

  12. When I’m really struggling, I break my run up into chunks…just make it to the next mile, or even just to that next tree. That way it’s just a series of mini goals that are easily accomplished – I can always go 10 more feet, then 10 more feet.

  13. I tell myself just keep going and finish and then you never ever have to do this again…of course a week later you’re looking for the another race to sign up for…ain’t it the truth?

  14. I think about all the races I HAVE completed. I think about how far I have come in the past five years. And I tell myself just to the next aid station. I also think about my teenager daughter and the look on her face when I tell her I quite.

  15. one more mile

    This is my mantra, whispered to myself over and over….sometimes for more than one mile. It helps me because I eventually zen out and overcome the low points.

  16. I remember what in running from: my best friend died tragically of a heart attack at age 36 and that my father was moments away from the same fate. I am running as far away from that as I can while setting a positive example for my daughter to follow my tracks.

  17. I usually go into my yogi mind and mantra to keep moving :) I also think of those who are unable to run, so I talk myself into moving my healthy legs for those who are unable. Running is a treat and so good for the mind, body and soul. Also, sharing with twitter

  18. I haven’t found any “tricks” per se. I just focus on putting one foot in front of the other and continuing moving. I just tell myself that the pain is nothing next to the feeling I get when I quit.

  19. when things get rough I start counting from 1 to 99. Usually I find by the time I am on 40 something I randomly start thinking about something else and from there I can keep on going again

  20. I use mantras, and try to think about different things while my legs take me forward. Sometimes I think about my support team whom have been sitting and waiting for me to make my appearances at the aid stations and finish. I worry that I keep them there to long, and it gets my legs moving faster.

  21. I think about the cost per dollar of running the race, and how much of a better bargain it will be if I finish versus dropping out half way

  22. Personally, when the going get tough, I start praying the full rosary and concentrating on each prayer. I also remember what I have done during training ie repeated running up long flights of stairs ie Batu Caves 272 steps – I would count each step that I take until I would achieve one flight, I would savor the achievement then I start counting again.

  23. I think back to a dark place during the Bighorn ultra when I went through an aid station where they had carried all the supplies and water in on horseback…I told myself, “well, if I’m not bleeding or don’t have a bone sticking out somewhere they certainly aren’t hauling my butt back to civilization on their horses…keep going!” It made me laugh to think of that and it got better :)

  24. New to the Ultra game so I don’t have too many low moments, but if I am having a rough patch, I will stop and soak in the scenery for moment. I am lucky to live, run, and hike in such a beautiful place (Southern Utah) and that gives me motivation to keep going. Hope to see you at the Zion 100.

  25. I don’t dig deep, I let it all go.. all my problems, transgressions against me, stress, fear, hate, life.. I let it all go. After all, physical pain is only in your head, you already know you can beat it, so, let it go.. I don’t float like a feather in the wind, I become the feather in the wind.. Blank.. My mind becomes free and unmolested from life’s trials. I’ve never run an ultra “race” I’ve run the distance and further, many, many times, it gives me peace unlike anything else in this life. This will be my first ultra “race” I’m just getting over a bad case of Valley Fever, the murder of a close childhood friend, the death of my favorite uncle, my awesome roommate crashing his Harley and being hospitalized for the past month, my lil bro being hospitalized for weeks because doctors messed up his medications, being threated by Lebanese mafia because you saw what he did, and having my business partner of many year lie to make just himself rich with my money, I’m going to leave it all at the starting line. It’s been a rough month, I can’t wait to let it go and float away. See you at the race. Peace.

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