National Book Lover’s Day Giveaway for The Summit Seeker


In celebration of National Book Lover’s Day, I am holding a one-day giveaway for my book, The Summit Seeker.

Check out the Amazon description and reviews HERE.

Check out the blog reviews and other coverage HERE.


To win a free copy, simply:

1. Follow The Summit Seeker on Facebook HERE if you don’t already.

2. A summit is a goal we aspire to. Leave a comment below telling me your main goal for the month of August. Running, athletic, recovery, mental… anything goes.

If you share this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, or any other social media, you get a free entry. Be sure to mention in the comments section where you shared.

The winner will be chosen at random tomorrow and contacted directly.

PS – It’s pouring rain in Anchorage, Alaska today–the perfect weather for curling up with a great book.

Read on and run free!


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Check out my book: The Summit Seeker

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16 responses

  1. Walking in the rain in Providence RI today after reading a big portion of your blog. I bought your book about an hour before you posted this, so I’m good! I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration to bag it all and go.

  2. Sunday I leave for Colorado to run TransRockies with my friend Skye and my main goal is letting our friendship grow deeper and intenser during that week. We’ll be running hard together, suffering together and recover together. We want to test our physical limits but also our bonding.

  3. Hmm, my main goal for August.. I must chose from finishing a 50K under 4 hours or getting my sister’s wedding organized. I guess being a successful wedding organizer is my biggest goal for this month.

    P.S. I shared this giveaway on Twitter and FaceBook, and was following (liked) The Summit Seeker on FB even before.

  4. If I win can I get a signed copy? Goals for August: 4 half marathons for the month but the big goal is completing Howl at the Moon Ultra tomorrow, off to Danville soon as I finish this post!

  5. Goals for August: Show/tell my wife and kids I love them, stay healthy, get stronger.

    Shared the contest on fb. Thanks!

  6. I had huge, enormous , spectacular goals that I was working towards at the beginning and middle of this summer, my first 50 mile race, then possibly a 100k,…you know how it goes from there.
    Then disaster struck.. What I thought to be a pulled muscle in my hip turned into so much more. A golf ball sized mass on my ovary. Surgery and going on a month off now followed, but I am healing and back to work.
    Being off for three plus weeks would have been a nightmare if it hadn’t been for the kids..( I know what your thinking..the kids!!??). But yes, the kids.
    Since my hiatus from the trails, WE have actually been going for hikes and nature walks on the very same trails I run.
    It has been an eye opening experience for me and my appreciation for the woods and all it’s offerings has grown tremendously.
    Don’t get me wrong, as soon as I can I’m ditching these rug rats and hitting the trails at full steam! ( kidding)
    I will be cleared to run soon and when I am it will be with a greater appreciation for the gifts given to me everytime I lace up!!

  7. My wife and I have been inspired by your story. This month we are attempting to “purge” our life of unnecessary stuff, remove things from our life that waste our time, and train for our first trail race coming up in September. Thanks.

  8. Two main goals for August. Get my kindergartener off to school successfully and hit the trails hard and more often!

  9. Main goal for August, help all my friends at Leadville 100 get to the finish line in under 30 hours. Secondary August goal, complete five 100 mile races. (It’s my b-day month and I turn 51, therefore the 5-100s.)

    *Sharing on Run Jester Run Friends FB page.

  10. I enjoy your writing Vanessa, though envious that I’m not also in Alaska… can’t imagine a better place to spend a summer! My main goal for August would have to be to make it through the E.T. Full Moon Midnight Race (51K through Area 51) without experiencing any “lost time” and without any unexplained bruises, lesions or burn marks. And to thoroughly enjoy and appreciate every step of the way.

  11. Glad I found your blog, enjoyed reading through it.
    i have shared the link on facebook for you.

    My main goal for August is to make a painting! I haven’t made one for what feels like years! Running will be my research and out will pop a painting of some hills! just like that..! :)

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