Inaugural Man vs Horse Owen’s Peak Trail Marathon and 10-Miler Race Entry Giveaway

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There’s a new race in town, and here’s a free entry up for grabs! The inaugural Man vs Horse Owen’s Peak Marathon (with 10 mile option) is coming to California on October 12th, 2013, with a cash prize for the winner.

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HERE is the UltraSignUp info.
HERE is the race website.


For a free entry, leave a comment below answering the following question:

What is the most important thing you have learned about running in the past 12 months?

For additional entries, share this post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or anywhere else online. Each additional share = one extra entry. For example, if you comment below as well as share on Facebook and Twitter, that’s 3 entries. Remember to mention where you shared in the comments below.

The winner will be chosen at random on August 9th and contacted directly.

Good luck!

Photo from the race course

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25 responses

  1. Running the last 12 months has taught me that during the A/C 100 this year trying to beat 24 hrs is Very possible and Its ok not too beat that time, just try to finish :)

  2. After running for over 4 decades I have learned that I still have much to learn and that the earth beneath my feet will teach me. So, I keep running for the joy and nothing else.

  3. When someone suggests you use gators, you really should listen so you don’t end up with a blister the size of Texas on your heal after completing your first full marathon (and taking your AG award too)!!

  4. When I look back on the last twelve months of running 100s (pretty much the only races I get super-excited about nowadays), I realize that no particular buckle, finish time, or course PR could bring me as much personal satisfaction as the pureness of sharing the race journey with my ultra brothers and sisters and risking everything, all for the chance to feel alive and in the moment with another like soul.

    *Sharing on FB. (This Jester isn’t a “tweeter”.)

  5. I used to run in the tropics, in one year I have LEARNED to breathe when I run in the desert :) Same altitude but the climate is soooooo hard! Not toasting or not blowing away are a challenge!!!

  6. The last 12 months have taught me how to run many races ( over 50 marathons and ultras ), how to run consecutive days ( 7 marathons in 7 and 8 ultras in 8 days ) and how to avoid injury while doing things that most clydesdales wouldnt dream of doing. But the most important thing I have learned is that its more fun and rewarding to volunteer, pace or direct a race. Helping other people achieve their goals.

  7. I have learned that I really need to enjoy the journey more and not be so competitive. I really have no reason to be competitive because I am slow but I do have drive and that may not always be a good thing.

  8. My most important learning from run is to like desert mountains at peak summer day temperature. I like desert run at 115F-120F. Desert is quite and just I run all my speed downhill to safety! :) At once I get lost at such hot day and I learned how to survive with just 16 oz of water for 3 hours run at 118F.

  9. When a person which run with you will ask You : tomorrow You are running another ultra race too ?
    I do not believe You. Because they can not, do not listen, YES YOU CAN ! Best advice, do not share Your accomplishment with the wrong people.

  10. Running for performance is one thing; running for physical health is another; running for your mind and soul is another again. I have learnt not to get so lost in the former that I do not neglect the latter two, and especially the last.

  11. I’ve learned that some days I will feel AMAZING on the road while other days that same road will feel completely new and foreign to me. And that is OK! No run is ever identical and that’s what keeps this sport interesting. You never know what challenges you will face, but as long as you believe in yourself (i.e., stop feeding your mind with negative thoughts), you WILL finish your training runs or races a better, stronger, healthier person.

  12. Learning not to compare with others. Other people are happy with my races. No one is saying, “Gee, he’s slow.” Comparing just takes away from the joy of running and racing.

  13. I took a year off from running this past year and i will never do it again. Ive learned to do it or lose it! I’ve also learned that its a huge contributor to my orverall hapiness.

  14. The most important thing I’ve learned in the last 12 months is gratitude for the gift of running. After pulling a groin muscle and not running for 3 months I havelearned to not take running for granted. I’ve also learned a LOT of patience because walking was the only thing I could do (and walking 15 miles takes for-evah!!!!)

  15. The most important thing that I’ve learned about running is that, while you must listen to and care for your body, going above and beyond what you have previously done requires mental strength and confidence.

  16. That no matter how old you are, how much you weigh, how fast or slow you are, what your garmin may say- have fun and enjoy the beauty of what your body can achieve by just taking that step out the door and going for that run :)

    *** Shared on Twitter and facebook

  17. I have to listen to my body and not my ego. Hip injury put me out for 8 months. I tried to run through it and I ran a marathon with the injury and ended up crying because I had to walk and could see my BQ disappearing. I am healed and back on track to get my BQ.

  18. RE: The Owen’s Peak “Man vs. Horse” Race as one of the co-sponsor (Indian Wells Brewing Co.) and owner of the brewery I’d like to invite you to our 1st annual race with the other half of the sponsorship (Jason & Megan Zender) on October 12th 2013. My wife (Jen) and I will be participating in the 10-miler and then hosting the event afterwards at the brewery. It will be an open house with special tours for racers, riders, volunteers and family & friends. Hope to see you there!

    Rick Lovett

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