Silverton 1000 Race Entry Giveaway

Silverton-1000-Website-HeaderI am honored and excited to offer one free entry to the Silverton 1000 in Colorado at the end of August.

The winner will receive a free entry to the race option of their choice. Choose from: 24 Hours, 48 Hours, 72 Hours, or 6-Day Challenge. Value = $145 to $400.

This race takes place at Kendall Mountain Lodge in Silverton, Colorado where race director Mark Hellenthal is doing an amazing job at drumming up excitement for things to come.

Some perks include:

  • Quality shirts & beanies
  • Free Hokas to the winners
  • Trail Runner magazine subscriptions up for raffle
  • Mind-blowing 400- and 500-mile belt buckles for the truly insane!
  • … and don’t forget the automatic entry to the 1000 Mile Challenge for all 6-day runners (you’ll have 18 days to cover 1000 miles)!

Learn more on the UltraSignUp Registration page HERE.

Visit the race website HERE.

Visit the race Facebook page HERE.


Simply leave a comment below answering the following question:

“What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you during a race?” 

For additional entries, share this post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or anywhere else online. Each additional share = one extra entry. For example, if you comment below as well as share on Facebook and Twitter, that’s 3 entries. Remember to mention where you shared in the comments below.

The winner will be chosen at random on July 19th and contacted directly.

Happy Trails!


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25 responses

  1. I ate a bag of gummy bears all at the same time, it stuck to my teeth and I couldn’t breathe while running uphill. I had to gag it out just to breathe! :-)

  2. Hmmm… the funniest thing that ever happened during a race was just recently when I snuck up on a bear at Angel Fire Endurance run. I was doing the 50K and was literally the back of the pack. The very last racer up the mountain. Nobody around for a mile. I’m just huffing along up the mountain and see some pretty elk to the right and stop to take their picture. Turn around and when I look up there’s a giant black bear just lumbering along the trail not 30 feet in front of me coming at me. I stopped and tried to think of what you’re supposed to do when you see a bear, but couldn’t remember, so eeked a little screech, crouched down and hid behind a little tiny tree and took his picture (I figured if he’s going to eat me, I wanted photographic proof to identify him).

  3. My funniest memory during a race has to be the puzzled looks I got from hikers when I was carrying bags of trash while running/fast-hiking. The work paid off because the “trash award” was a huge glass bottle of craft beer from the local brewery. :) A cleaner environment wasn’t too bad of a reward either.

  4. In 2009, I ran the California International Marathon in an attempt to qualify for Boston. I just couldn’t get there fast enough and finished 26 seconds too late. I had been so cold the entire race that by the time I finished, my lips were blue and I could barely talk. My friends rushed up to me afterwards to talk to me but I physically could not even move my lips. They thought I was mentally not all there and forced me to go to the medical tent. Needless to say, the warm chicken broth was pretty tasty after the race!

  5. Funniest thing ever was at a race in Arizona when “that time of the month hit” and the only people at aid stations were boy scouts and old people. Finally begged them to call ahead to the next aid station to help me out. I’m sure people thought the blood streaming down my legs was curious.

    Funniest race volunteer episode was at the Buffalo Run. My sister and I were running the Fielding Garr Ranch race station in the middle of the night and dozed off. When we woke up we found we were surrounded by about 100 buffalo in our little canvas tent. It was terrifying.

    Shared on Facebook

  6. Oh, I want to win this! Funniest thing that happened to me during a race? I fell and skinned my ass (I was wearing a running skirt). That was fun to explain “Oh that blood? It’s dripping from my ass, but don’t worry”

  7. In an effort to do a marathon in each state my husband and I signed up to do a two looped trail 50K in Tuscaloosa, AL a few years ago. The early December day started off nice and sunny, but by the time we were coming in to finish our first loop, the weather turned. It had started raining (no lightning), the temperature dropped, and it was getting muddy. We’re trail runners though, so we didn’t let it bother us.

    Besides, we knew that if we needed to stop mid-way through the second loop that we could raise the white flag pole located on the opposite side of the lake and someone would come over with a boat to get us.

    We’re typically back-of-the packers, but we were well under the mid-way cutoff when we came in to finish our first loop. Just as we got ready to set out for our second loop, the RD came over to us and offered us $20 to quit the race right then and there because of the weather. My first thought was, “$20?? Are you kidding me?!? That doesn’t even begin to cover the cost of flying to Alabama from Texas! I’m getting my money’s worth; we’re going out for another loop!” That’s just what we did. Despite the weather, we still finished well within the cutoff. The best part? We knocked off Alabama.

  8. Literally fell asleep at the Bear 100 while marching up a sage-brush covered hill… woke up with my head and shoulders planted in a big sage plant… all I could smell was the sage until finally getting into the Beaver Mtn Aid Station where I could wash all the scratches in my face and neck.

  9. At the 6mi mark of the 2012 Peachtree 10K, they set up a photo-overpass. You run through it and mug fo a picture. I watched a guy bolt – hardcore sprint – through the photo-opp and pull up with hands clasped over his head gasping for air…while everyone on the sidelines kept shouting “it’s not the finish! You still have 0.2 miles to the finish line – get a move on!” The guy was clearly winded but had to suck it up and finish.

  10. I’ll submit my story but do not want an entry since we won’t be around for it. This story includes Vanessa since we were running together.

    (this isn’t funny ha-ha, more like “how can it get any worse?”)
    Los Pinos 2011

    We started the race heading up an incline but didn’t want to be last and so we pushed ourselves harder than we should have. By the time we got to the top, we were wiped and required walking breaks.
    We then got to enjoy a nice downhill section which soon evaporated into screaming and yelling due to the mad swarm of hornets attacking us. They chased us for what seemed like forever leaving nasty welts wherever they stung.
    As if this wasn’t enough, the day started heating up as we approached the big 7 mile long climb. We ended up joining a few other runners underneath bushes and shrubs whenever we came across them in order to cool down. We rationed our water and still ran out, having to flag down mountain bikers, begging water from them.
    We eventually dragged our sorry butts into the next aid station and were informed that we had failed to meet the cutoff. We took this as excellent news since we were ready for a break.

    ReadVanessa’s race report here:

  11. Accidentally took a shot of tequila at mile 24 in the Memphis marathon. I saw an unplanned water stop coming up and thought “What nice people!” I had my music loud and could not hear what they (fraternity guys) were saying. After I drank the “water” it all made since why there were cheering so wildly.

    Lesson learned – keep music down

  12. While crouching in the brush slightly off trail at a trail 50 miler, my quad cramped so bad when I tried to stand up that I fell backwards and ended up with a hand in my own fresh feces. Wait, did you say funny?

  13. I passed John Wog at Javalina Jundred in 2011 because he was seeing squirrels in the Sonaran Desert and was worried about running over them. It was quite comical watching his pacer convince him that everything was going to be okay. Yes…that did happen.

    (please don’t consider me for the win as I can’t make it to the race…good luck to all that foot the starting line!)

  14. One time I ate a pot brownie before running LA 13.1, gorgeous course by the ocean. I was so high that when I saw dolphins I had to confirm that a sober person was seeing them too. Most of the people around me didn’t seem to want to look at the ocean so it took some time of my yelling and pointing before someone else finally pointed and yelled “dolphins!” There was a short span of about 30 seconds where I thought, “Oh man, that was way too much brownie.” Race went great, saw dolphins again and felt fantastic.

  15. I came inches from stepping on a beaver in the middle of the night during a race. Thought I was halucinating at first, but the incredibly loud tail thumping was enough to make sure I was awake. Spiked my heart rate, but I ran away from that laughing out loud, thinking “only in Canada will I almost step on a beaver.”

  16. At my very first half marathon, there were no porta-potties on the whole course. I was back into the few miles in town, and I asked one of the race volunteers where any bathrooms were. He pointed me down the block to a woman outside–I had to ask a complete stranger if I could use her bathroom. Kicker was she had a house full of company over :) I now make sure of courses with porta-potties or at least not with the last 6 miles in town!

  17. I took exactly 4 safety pins at the expo day before my marathon (Philly 2012) for my bib. I ended up losing 3 out of the 4 pins. I ended up doing the whole marathon holding on to my bib for life!

  18. Last year while running my first 50k, there was a runner a few feet ahead of me who tripped on a rock and fell right in front of me. When I approached him I asked if he was ok, I felt so bad and embarrassed for him. He of course said he was fine and waved me off. Less than a mile after that, I was thinking of the poor guy and how embarrassing it would be to do that, then I tripped and fell and almost flew off the side of the hill like superman flies. I almost lost my handheld off the hill. I was trying to hurry up and get up so I didn’t look so incredibly stupid, and the same runner ran by me and asked if I was ok. It was embarrassing and also funny to tell everyone at the next aid station why the side of my ass was scraped off.

  19. Pacific Crest Trail 50 Mile
    Feb. 15, 1992

    In a race characterized by freezing rain and blustery winds, I pulled into one of the later aid stations, about mile 35, late in the day. The aid station was an RV with a card table just out the front door. Most of the aid station food had blown away, or was too waterlogged from the rain. I was battling hypothermia and had just started perusing the soggy leftovers. Two women appeared at the door of the RV.

    Woman #1: “What can we get for you? We have hot, soup, hot chocolate, hot women.”

    Me: “Careful, there.” Lifting my jacket to display my race bib. “I’m number 69.”

    Woman #1, pointing at woman #2: “That’s her favorite number!”

    Now that’s what I call a *full service* aid station!

    No hypothermia issues the rest of the way to the finish.

  20. On the second day at Javelina Jundred, I kept seeing fresh “cat tracks” in the sand. These were really big tracks, almost the size of saucers. The tracks looked fresh too. I thought for sure a mountain lion had been cruising up the trail and would certainly jump out of the brush at any time to have a mid-morning snack. I was on the verge of panic as my pacer was trying to keep me calm and moving forward.
    As we approached Jackass Junction I found my “cat”. It was a gal wearing Nike shoes that left a print with four cat-paw like pads.

  21. Running Zion 100 I was mistaken for an animal not once, but twice. Apparently my post aid station belch is loud when coming down a canyon as the sun is coming down. Poor girl in front of me. Finding a nice warm place under a bush on the side of the road is another sure way to be mistaken for an animal. When you speak, by saying you are sleeping, it is not appreciated by an oncoming runner. I almost got kicked and beaten by a trekking pole.

  22. The funniest thing I ever saw was at 3:00 am outside Half Pipe aid station at the LT100 race. One runner was yelling at his pacer for giving him the wrong pr of shoes! There were literally fighting in the middle of the trail! It totally woke me up and got me moving fast down the road!

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