Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

IMG_0183Last week I was inspired by the weekly photo challenges on WordPress.com, and decided to give one a try. I had a blast today documenting a day in our lives. The challenge was to take one photo every hour as you go about your day. I took a little bit extra, but at least one photo every hour.

So often I try to express through words what our lifestyle is like: living in an RV, bumming around, eating, running, writing, and reading. I’m a word girl, not a picture girl. So this was the perfect challenge to help me think outside the box, and I gained a new perspective on what it is we really do all day.

I found my inspiration renewed with this experience. I could write a post about every single one of these pictures (hover or click on the photo for a caption). One picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Welcome to our Monday.

A lovely end to a day well played.

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6 responses

  1. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing!
    Your blog and your book have really inspired me!
    I needed some inspiration, I let my blog and other stuff slip because things got tricky but I think it’s more things got tricky because I haven’t been doing the things I love.
    The time is now!



  2. Great photoset. We can relate to this set of photos more than any other we’ve seen not taken by us! Young. Rialta. Adventure. Love.

    So glad you guys found us, and vice versa! Can’t wait to keep up with you guys.

    Christian and Aly
    The Hipster Gypsies

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