Softcup Review: Period Protection for Trail Running Vaginas

Welcome vagina owners and lovers! If you are running during your child-bearing years, here is a new way you can protect yourself.

I was sent this product to review in exchange for a free race entry. If you’re interested in reviewing this product for yourself, visit: (Ladies only)

Direct YouTube Link HERE

Thoughts From a More Experienced Softcup User

Here are some notes from Tina, who has been using this product for six years. I wanted to add her experience here as well, since it does take some getting used to and can be difficult to review after only one cycle.

Tina Says:

“If you can feel it, it’s not inserted properly. I swear by this. Whenever I feel it, I can bank on it leaking. If you have strong kegel muscles you can dislodge this thing by pushing (like when you have a bowel movement or you are trying to carefully let out a fart in public).  

If your partner says you’re “tighter” rather than errr…. shorter? If your vagina is not as “long” as it normally is to touch your cervix, then it is not inserted properly. If it is parallel to his penis rather than almost perpendicular, it’s not inserted properly.

It should be inserted “back and down” rather than “up” like a tampon. It took me about six to eight months to really get insertion right. It’s so different from tampon insertion. I love this product.”


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5 responses

  1. Not sure if you have them in the US, but in the UK we have Mooncups. I’ve been using them for years and would never go back to tampons. Unlike softcups, they’re re-usable – so no waste to leave on a hillside or carry home. The only thing you need is a wet wipe or a bottle of water to clean your hand (or a nearby stream, out on the trail). They don’t last 12 hours, but they’re much easier to manage than tampons anyway. Two other important benefits: they’re much cheaper than tampons, and they’re very eco-friendly!

  2. Hi I am throwing in a vote for menstrual cups too. I read lots of mixed reviews on the softcup and just went straight to a menstrual cup. The thing is AWESOME! I did leak a couple of times the first cycle or two, so wear a pad till you’re sure you got the hang of it, but since then I’ve had no problems and I can go 12hrs as they claim. The brand I have (French only I think) comes in different sizes and softness/firmness, I took the post childbirth size in harder silicone since I am post childbirth and they say to avoid the super soft ones if you want to do sport. Honestly it is so much better than a tampon, way more comfortable, reliable, eco-friendly, and cheap. Get one with a little stem or nob to help pull out, since this can be tricky at the beginning, but the little stem actually sits inside your body – you can even cut it shorter to fit you perfectly. The only advantage to the softcup would be sex. You can’t have sex with a menstrual cup. Anyway Vanessa thanks for the super review, very brave to talk so openly on the web!

  3. Why use disposables when the real thing is so comfortable, washable and eco-friendly, reliable and easy to use? I recommend the Diva Cup. Get two – you’ll appreciate having a spare for your travel bag or gym bag.

  4. I’ve always wanted to try the Diva or Moon Cup, but was deterred by the initial necessary cost only to find I might not like using a cup. This is a super way to find out in an affordable way if this style of product will suit my lifestyle. I just ordered a sample pack of the regular and one reusable pack to try. I’m thinking that if I like them, the reusable pack will be a great deal. It is a little over $6 for two reusable cups. One reusable cup is supposed to be all I need for one month’s full period. I’m not squeamish, so I would not mind having to rinse and reuse. This would mean spending less money on product and throwing away only one cup per month versus multiple pads and tampons (good for the environment.) Plus, being able to have normal, ahem, relations is a BIG bonus! :-)

  5. MicheleStitches, you need to Google “Diva Cup Guarantee”.

    Disposables and the real thing are actually really different from each other in terms of feel, fit, insertion/removal, reliability against leakage, etc.

    Also, fwiw silly the Diva Cup only gets in the way of “normal relations” if you leave it in :-)

    Disclaimer – I’ve had mine for seven or eight years and the Diva Co. has never so much as paid for a single 5K registration for me. /pouts/ Wonder if I should give them a call.

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