Win a 100-Mile Race Entry

I am excited to announce a free giveaway for the inaugural Mogollon Monster 100 this year in Northern Arizona on September 28rd!

I have never seen a 100-miler giveaway before, and I’m stoked because:

1. It can be expensive to race 100s.

2. It’s intimidating to sign up for a 100-miler.

Why You Should Enter

I jumped straight from a 50K to finish a 100-miler, so don’t be intimidated if you haven’t run 100k or 50 miles. This distance is very much a mental challenge.

Many don’t sign up because they don’t believe the can finish. And many would be surprised. You still have time to train for this event.

I’m a passionate advocate for running ultra marathons because we are always stronger than we think we are. The ultra can bring about such a life-changing transformation, and you cannot attempt 100 miles without being changed.

No matter what you have done or will do in the future – this is a victory that nobody can undermine or take away from you. And it’s free! So go ahead and throw your name in. Maybe this is your time.

Read this post about 7 Lies You Believe About Ultra Running to ease some of your fears. You CAN do this!

If you’re still having doubts, read my race report for my first 100-miler. And my thoughts before the race.

If you’ve finished 100 before, here is a worthy buckle to add to your collection!

The Course

  • Arizona’s 2nd 100-miler and 1st mountain 100-miler
  • 4 Mont De Blanc points
  • Start at 5,500 feet, max at 7,400
  • Each climb and descent is anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 feet, usually done in under 2 miles
  • Climb through multiple ecosystems
  • Scale the first climb to the top of the Mogollon Rim in the first 9 miles of the race
  • Series of ascents and descents of the Mogollon Rim
  • Run from red rock high desert terrain to the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest in the world (soldiers used to mark the Ponderosas high on the trees so they could still see them in high snow in the winter and today you can still see some of the markers)
  • Minimal dirt roads, and nearly all have a view
  • Dirt road sections are under 6 miles
  • 1 mile at the finish is pavement into town
  • Steep, rugged and extremely technical

Read more here.

The Race Director, Jeremy Dougherty, has spent years shadowing many RDs at ultra events, and can avoid the normal hang-ups of an inaugural race.

Here is a video of the upper region of the course called the Cabin Loop. This is right after the first snow break so the greenery hasn’t sprung up yet.

Visit the website for more course photos and videos.

If you really can’t make it…

Strongly consider being a volunteer or a pacer for this race. Both are tremendous learning experiences and will give you a chance to see what a 100-miler is all about. Shacky and I will be there with Ginger, volunteering.

If you’d like to get set up with a pacing gig but don’t know anyone who is running, email the Race Director at at

How to Enter

You must complete the following three things for one entry:

  1. “Like” the Mogollon Monster 100 Facebook fan page.
  2. Share a link to this giveaway via social media or your blog and mention that you’ve entered.
  3. Leave a comment and tell me why you want to win.

The winner will be chosen next Wednesday July 18th through a random draw and I will announced it here on the blog. You have five days to claim your entry before I pick another winner.

Good luck!

48 responses

  1. I ‘Liked’, I ‘Shared’ and now I need ‘Winner!’ This would be a great way to convince my wife that me running a 100 miler is meant to be!

    • Did I mention I have completed nearly 30 Ultras and marathons? My personal distance PR is 71.1 miles on a DNF at my first 100 miler try. I really, really need a second shot at nailing this distance! And this race should be called Mogollon Monster 106! I can only imagin what those bonus 6 miles would taste like!

  2. I want to win because I need a new goal… and 100miles is just the beginning… but I don’t have a facebook, thus i cannot “like” anything there.. =(

  3. I want to win this because this would be definitive proof that I’m totally off my rocker. The 100 and being completely nuts are life long goals. : )

  4. Hi, I’m Leo James. I want the entry for a few reasons:

    I have never run an ultra, but I’ve been training for one. I run up the mountain behind my house a few times a week and I would love to know just how far these legs can really take me. I will often do 2 hours on the bike and 2 hours running in a day, biking has helped my climbing immensely!

    My wife just finished grad school and we don’t have the funds to sign up. I’m sure a road trip to AZ would be well worth the free entry and I might just find a fellow runner to talk into carpooling!

    I would really love to qualify for Western as well as Trail du Mont-Blanc. They are both on my bucket list! I have had the bug ever since hearing about the Tarahumara, reading all three of Dean Karnazes’s books and switching to a barefoot technique. I am ready now to do a 50 miler but sadly most of the upcoming races near me require a qualifying race. In the meantime I am going to volunteer as a pacer for some of the local ultras and witness this insane goal of mine first hand.

    When I say to people that I want to run Western they ask “why would you want to do that?” I want strength for life. When I am a father I want to know that staying up all night with a sick baby is nothing compared to running all day and long into the night. I want the thrill, I want the runners high, I even look forward to the pain. Frankly, I want it all.

    • I would LOVE to run this awesome course. I’m running VT 100 July 21st as my first 100 miler, I’m hooked.

  5. well, i gave my first 50k a shot this year and loved it. never thought i would be ready for the big 100 miler. i stumbled across your article and it encouraged me to make a go for it… and THEN i saw this entry giveaway. being a poor college student, a free entry might be the only way i’m able to get into a 100 miler anytime soon. i love the sport of running and am a huge advocate for it (working at salt lake running company in utah and working with several physical therapists gives me an awesome opportunity to express my love for it and help others get into it). super excited and keeping my fingers crossed! good luck everyone else :)

  6. I liked the FB page…shared the link via Twitter…and I WANNA WIN! My 39th birthday is Sept 1st. I plan to send my 30’s out with a BANG!

  7. I’ve been running ultras for about three years now and I feel I’m really starting to hit my stride this year. This seems like the perfect race to cap-off the summer racing season. I also think I might have a good chance at winning the ultra division of the 2012 TrailRunner Trophy Series if I can compete in at least one more 100 mile race from the series. But more than anything, this just looks like an incredible course that I’d love to experience. Please consider picking me.

  8. Hmmm, road trip from the ‘Frosty North’ of Canada to the great warm extents of Arizona in the fall, hmmm no brainer of course I should be the ‘Winner’. It also doesn’t hurt that this would be my first jump into the world of 100 milers from a very familiar 50km range. Let’s just say Vanessa, I want to follow in your foot steps, it could be my venturism from a hard working Canadian into my ticket to ‘hobo’ism. ;-)

  9. I liked the page. I shared the contest on my wall. Why should I win…..? Well, I just ran my first 100 Mile at Nanny Goat and it was enough to give me that “bug”. I want more. I want to challenge myself in a different way and conquer another 100. I want to prove to myself and others that if I can do it once…I can do it twice. Thanks!

  10. I liked your page. I shared on my facebook wall. Now…why should I win? Well, I ran my first 100 at Nanny Goat on Memorial Day weekend. It was enough to give me that 100-mile bug. I want more! I want to challenge myself on another 100 mile course and prove that if I did it once….I can do it again. I have been logging many miles this year AND I don’t have any races already scheduled for that weekend. PICK ME!

  11. Liked and shared :) I would love to win this–it would give me an excuse to take a trip with my wife–not the easiest thing to do with twin 5-year-old boys :)

  12. 1 – Liked.
    2 – Shared on FB group page RUN JESTER RUN FRIENDS.
    3 – Why I want to win: Every race needs a Jester! Plus, I just like to win!

    Thanks for putting this together Vanessa. Looking forward to seeing you & Shacky at another race soon. (And tell Shacky that the Jester and all crew are wearing skirts at BW – not kilts, actual real skirts from RunningSkirts!)

    Jester on . . .

  13. I liked the page, and shared the contest with on my running group’s facebook page. I want the entry because I need a race to focus on. Looks like an amazing course with great scenery. I ran my first 100-miler in September (Lost Soul Ultra in Canada), and would love to get another under my belt!

  14. I liked, I share, and now I’m hoping you pick me!! plz cuz it would give me a excuse to run around the beautiful arizona mountains and hang out with my friends for 36hrs. And I haven’t run a 100 since western states last year. It looks like a great new course and y a 100 when you can run a 106… Whooo Hoo… Mongollon Monster!!!!

  15. Canada, I’m in college so it’s obvious that if I had more money, I’d run more races! And you can pace me while I wear that pink skirt/kilt during the race. It’s a no brainer. Pick me!

  16. Thank you for the info about the 100 miller and the opportunity to win a chance to run it. I will be running my second 50k in September and hope to run a longer than 50k soon.

  17. Liked, Shared…My first Ultra experience was as a pacer at Javelina 100 in 2010. Since then I have been hooked on ultras! I used to weight 318 pounds back in 2009 and now running is my way of staying fit. This fits great in my schedule too, Speedgoat, Wasatch, Mogollon Monster!!

  18. Last year I graduated from marathoning to ultras, and ever since I’ve been building myself up to race farther than I ever imagined before. Inspiring others to set new goals and achieve the impossible through training and dedication helps motivate me as well as them. I’m looking forward to the challenge of one hundred miles and want the opportunity to earn my first belt buckle. A free entry would take off the financial pressure so I can devote my energies to preparing for my big day. I’d be thrilled to have the Monster to be my first 3D race.

  19. Can I qualify if I already entered?? I’ve given up my career to be a stay at home dad and raise an incredible son and he pays me back with love, dirty diapers and priceless smiles. Unfortunately this form of currancy doesn’t carry much weight when registering for races and I am afraid the extra work load is giving my lovely wife to many grey hairs. Plus I am caoched by my dog which from following your blog makes you a kindred spirit.

    PS: I consider you a barefoot runner (okay now I’m just ass kissing :)

  20. Oh wow do I ever want this! Running the AZ land is my church, it sounds hokey but true. Life is busy, I am a single mother of two awesome kids (4 and 6 years old), I work two part-time jobs, and am going to nursing school full time. This would just be a wonderful, wonderful thing to happen. I have done a few 50M and 50K races and ran with a silly grin the entire time, these runs mean honesty, happiness, and peace to me. Of course I love the challange as well :). My running fits in when I have the extra hours, usually mid-day if I have a break from class while my kids are at school, it’s hot but so completly worth it. I want to win because this is a opportunity I wouldn’t otherwise have/afford, and I’d love every darn second of it.

  21. The prospect of running 106 miles in that terrain is both exciting and scary!
    Having participated in the Black Hills 100 a few weeks ago (I finished the distance but missed the cut-off), I’m fascinated by and eager to explore this new found facet of living!

    Liked and Shared.
    I’ll do my ass kissing privately… ;)

  22. Liked and shared…now why do I want to run another one of these? The hundreds always hurt, and leave me bruised physically and mentally, and I usually swear off them each time, but something brings me back.
    Our lives are so certain these days, from the minute-by-minute news feeds and weather updates to the specific heart rate we’re supposed to hit in tonight’s workout, that adventure, in which in outcome is in doubt and suffering and failure are likely is a rare gift. Hundreds are one of the few adventures left in my life, and it would be a pleasure to run this one and head once again into the unknown.

  23. I liked and shared and now all I need for the hat trick is a win. I live to explore. Both the limits of body and mind and moreso the outdoors. Why not do them all at the same time by chasing a monster?

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