Win Your Autographed Eat & Run Book By Scott Jurek

Today we attended Scott Jurek’s run, talk and book signing at Movin Shoes in San Diego. It was amazing to meet Jurek and speak to him personally. He was really easy to approach and took his time chatting with each person who lined up for an autograph.

Although I already had his book on my Kindle, I bought a new hardcover copy and had him sign it for a giveaway.

So here’s your chance to win your own autographed copy!

The rules are simple:

1. To enter, leave a comment telling me how you first heard about Jurek and how he has inspired your running.

2. For an additional entry, share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or on your blog. Leave a separate comment and let me know you shared.

Next Friday, June 22, I will choose one comment at random and mail the book to the winner.

Good luck!

Here are some photos from the event:

62 responses

  1. I learned of Scott first after reading BTR. I then followed his adventures through Facebook and twitter. I have been fascinated with his diet. His blog helped tremendously when I was first starting to eat gluten free. I still use his rice milk recipe :)

  2. I first heard of him form while crewing at Badwater, other were amazed I had never heard of him before. I don’t think he has inspired my running but both times I met the dude he treated me like a friend and was really nice guy. Running is overrated, His kindness I find inspiring. :) If I win the book will you and Shacky sign it for me?

  3. I knew that was you!! I was in the back of the line and I told Angela that I thought it was you but I would be really embarrassed to say HI and have it NOT be you. Darn it! I should have just said HI! Your dog is so cute!

    Isn’t Scott great? He is such a nice guy!

  4. I first heard about Mr Jurek in Born to Run. I thought ‘an ultramarathoner who’s a vegan??!! What the…..?’. I started checking out his stuff online and when I saw he had a book coming out, I preordered it for my Kindle right then! The book is terrific! If I am lucky enough to win, I am giving the hardcover to a friend who runs in spite of having Crohn’s disease.

  5. I first heard about him while reading Born To Run. I find all ultrarunners inspiring and am fascinate and intrigued by how much our minds and bodies can accomplish. I am terrified and excited to make the leap myself into the world of ultras.

  6. I was fortunate enough to see Scott for his kick off in New York City. It was a great forum to hear him talk and. I love the book. I read it in two days and am moving further along the vegan route now. I would love to hear what you think of the book.

    For those who are wondering if they should get the book, I can only say, you can’t get is soon enough. There is much more to the book than a chronicle of Scott’s running exploits. I’ll leave it at that so you can discover it for yourself.

  7. I heard about Jurek through first learning about ultra marathons and runners. His humble beginnings story and plant-based diet has greatly influenced me to 1) not let what others think keep me from my running goals and 2) pay a lot more attention to what I eat and why, and to get creative with food!

  8. He is such a rock star-his story of how he started so inspires me and I read the Runner’s World article and fixed his bars that he had a recipe of in the magazine. Now that is impressive as I am a total junk food eater but thanks to him I am on week 4 of changing my diet!

  9. I actually have a weird story about Jurek. Like many of us barefoot disciples, the first time I ever heard of him was in Born to Run. But then I met Jurek last April because he was touring with McDougall on his Naked Run tour. They were in Boston, and I’d dragged my best friend Kathy with me to run with Chris and attend a book signing and speaking engagement afterward. I didn’t know this, but Kathy had a HUGE crush on Scott, and she didn’t know he would be there until she saw him. We approached him in the crowd of bare-footers in front of the Boston Public Library before the run (it was two days before the ’11 Boston Marathon and the finish line was right there, too), and we had our picture taken with him. He was amazingly approachable and….really tall. But I was so wide-eyed and starstruck by McDougall that day (I even got to run with him for awhile), I barely noticed Scott, even as we ran a couple feet away from him for over a mile.

    It wasn’t until about six months ago – around the time that I decided I wanted to run my first Ultra – that I really started to realize how amazing of a person and a runner that Scott Jurek really is. I bought his book (on my Kindle) a few days ago and I’m so engrossed that if I could go back tonight and relive that day meeting both McDougall and Jurek at the same time, my head would probably explode.

  10. The first I had heard of him was in the book “Born to Run” Like all ultra runners, he inspires me to run. It is one of my goals to run an ultra.

  11. I first heard about him in the beloved Runners World Magazine. I love his little articles at the end of the issues. He makes me think about aspects of running that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

    So cool that he signed your ebook cover!

  12. Like most others, I first heard of Scott from Born To Run, he is a fantistic, down to earth type runner. The ultimate representative of the ultra running community.

  13. Like many others, I first heard of Jurek through the book Born to Run, and have been so inspired by him and his running ability! I wish I could be an ultra marathoner!

  14. I first saw him running in a tv commercial about a certain car brand. Then I read about him in Born to run.

    When Cablo Blanco went missing, I was touched how he and others responded and reminded me of something important; although your (ultra) runs are a lone thing mostly, when needed you run for friends.

  15. BTR for me. Whenever I’m having a sluggish day, I think about the drive and enthusiasm that has given people like Scott the ability to run immense distances at a blistering pace, and it helps me regain my energy.

  16. I heard about him through you Vanessa. I am going to post on twitter, facebook. I would love to read it. I am waiting for a copy from the library but would love a free one. Thank you Vanessa you are the best!!

  17. Born to Run was when I first learned about Scott Jurek. I’m a fan of his because of his humanity and remarkable spirit. I just ran my first Ultra (50K) 2 weeks ago and have registered for a 50-miler in the fall. Can’t wait to continue increasing the distance!

  18. I heard of Jurek several years ago through another blog(can’t remember which, but this was long before Born to Run). That’s when I realized running and a plant based diet could go hand in hand. Very inspiring.

  19. I’m fairly new to running and love trails. I’m looking into the whole barefoot scene. Obviously as the barefoot guru, I ordered Born to run and now I have ordered merrel trail gloves so let the fun begin!! I’m new on this journey so I’m mad for any books and information on barefoot, ultras, trails and generally running. I’d love to get stuck into this book and I dare say it will be the only chance I have to get a signed copy being ‘accross the water’!
    Plant based diet!? I watched a video on YouTube about an ultra runner who is a fruititarian!! I need to find out more……..!

    P.s: if I win it’s gonna cost ya postage to Ireland!!!

  20. There was a piece written about him in Runner’s World that described him as the “king of pain”. I read that article once and then twice and then innumerable times. Something about him touched me. He seemed real and in spite of all his success till then, he seemed so humble. That faith was further cemented when I read ‘Born to Run’.
    There are so many ways he has inspired me and my running. I have become a calmer runner. I have learnt to run without complaining. I have learnt to run happy, run free. And above all, I have learnt from him that the battle is with yourself. You battle is with that little guy in your head that tells you cannot do it. And yet you finish your training days and eventually your finish lines. Rain or shine, you do it.
    Thank you Scott for teaching me how to run without any grudge or complaints, how to take everything in my stride, and just put one foot ahead of the other.

  21. I first heard of Scott Jurek when reading Born to Run. I became even more interested in Scott when I realized he was a vegan! His lifestyle and mental toughness are truly inspiring.

  22. A couple years ago I read “Born to Run” and started running again after a dozen years absence. Nuff’ said.

  23. I’d heard his name here and there but finally put a face and story to it reading the recent Runner’s World article. My non-gluten, non-dairy eating family certainly does eat meat currently, but most of what we eat is fruit and veggies — we’ve got that in common!

  24. I believe I read about him in either Runner’s World or RunningTimes magazines. I became very interested in him when I read about his book, Eat & Run and his vegetarian diet. I am not ready to go completely vegan, but I want to eat healthier and gradually cut meat out of my diet. I would also like to attempt ultra running at some point, so that interests me as well. Love that you had him sign your Kindle case! Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win!!

  25. I probably read about him in various articles, but the first time he stood out was when he was described in Christopher McDougall’s “Born To Run”

  26. I first learned about him via facebook. I am so impressed by his healthy eating habits and succes w/ vegan running. I also just recently found out he is originally from Northern Minnesota! So he is a homeboy! He is such a true inspiration!

  27. I also can’t remember when I first heard of Scott Jurek. I am sure I at least recognized the name when I read Born to Run.

    In terms of inspiration, I think he (along with a few other well-known runners) has inspired me to try out more trail running and to start working up towards running ultra distances, largely because of how genuinely he seems to love what he does, and how humble he is. One of the descriptions I associate with him most strongly is of him bowing to Arnulfo Quimare at the end of the copper canyons race.

    It makes me want to be part of “ultrarunning culture” when there are such cool people involved :) Who wouldn’t admire someone who is both great at what he does and (apparently) a really nice person?

  28. I first heard of Jurek from Born to Run. Out of all of the characters in that story, Jurek was the one that I’ve followed the most closely. I’m very interested in cooking and eating healthy, and since I started running regularly in the past two years my interest in good quality food has deepened. For exercise in particular. Once I heard about his upcoming book I Immediately set up a google alert for it in an attempt to win a copy!

  29. My first exposure to Scott was in Born to Run, it was there that I became intrigued by his lack of publicitiy, and his trail running diet. I’ve always been drawn to veggie based diets, but I’ve always been told that I needed meat for protein and iron. After reading about Scott and his amazing career I figured a veggie based running diet had to be possible so I started looking into it. I’m now 99% vegan and feeling great!

  30. I remember Scott’s name from Born to Run but really felt I connected when I read the recent article in Runner’s World talking about his vegan diet. I went vegan in January and have never felt better. I have more energy at 51 than I did in my 20’s and 30’s. Running with Scott, chatting with him on the decent from Mt. Soledad about how his diet has changed him was really cool. Listening to him talk after the run was great too. I love his energy. But what’s really gotten me is reading his book that I bought that day. Trail running. Just this week, I’ve added trail running to my day often after I’ve already done my regular street run. It’s been great to be out there without my ipod just focusing on the scenery, my breathing and the trail.

  31. I am not completely sure where I first heard about Scott, but he inspires me as a vegan runner to keep doing what I am doing and that you can be successful despite what the majority of the country thinks about vegan diets.

  32. I first heard about Scott Jurek (and about Ultra Marathons) from reading Born to Run. He inspires me to always reach for my dreams and go for what others say I cannot.

  33. I first heard about Scott Jurek in a Runner’s World magazine article called “The King of Pain”. I remember his story being inspiring because of the way he made it through the numerous challenges he faced in his life, not only in running.

    Wish I could have been at the book signing and run, but I was out of town for the weekend because Sunday was Father’s Day! (My dad is a runner and the one who got me into running…we spent Sunday on the trails in the Angeles National Forest…I’d love to be able to give this book to him).

  34. So excited to to find Scott’s article in RW! We used to live in Duluth and both my husband and I could relate to Scott’s story. We have tried some of his recipes and would LOVE to try more!

  35. I came across Scott Jurek running in a running skirt at the 2009 Uphill Challenge. I thought to myself, now there is a man secure in his manhood. I challenged myself to read more, and found out that he was vegan, primitive, and runs for the pure joy of running. I aspire to be more and more like him every day. Okay, maybe without the running skirt! Sharing this on FB as well.

  36. I first heard of Scott Yurek through “Born to Run”. I’ve always found him inspiring but this entry is not for me, it’s for my husband. And I’ll tell you why he is so deserving of this book. 3 years ago, my husband was struggling with alcoholism and a very unhealthy lifestyle. At the time, I just had my second child and returned to runnning to lose the baby weight. A year went by before he could no longer bear watching me get fit while he grew more unhealthy and he started running. Before that time, my husband shunned running as he thought it wasn’t for him. Running saved his life. Literally. Over the course of 2 years, he quit smoking and drinking (he still struggles with it) and he also read “Born to Run” after I bought the book. Well, Scott became his personal hero. Here was a man that didn’t complain, didn’t make excuses and ran for nobody but himself. My husband has a deep respect for that. In January, in – 25 degrees celsius, he ran 40 km to commerate his 40th birhday. He will be making his ultra-running debut this fall in his first 50km ultra at Sufferfest in Kaslo, BC.

    Currently, he is injured and has not been able to run in over a month. The toll it has taken on him is pretty sad and he struggles to stay motivated and positive. The gift of Scott Jurek’s book is just what he needs to keep him going while he sits at the rowing machine and dreams of the day that he returns to running.

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