Happy Friday!

It was a weird day here yesterday after all the power in the city went out. Thankfully, the worst the happened was I missed posting my blog. They let us off work early (there was nothing I could do anyway as an Online Editor without a computer), but I had bummed a ride to work in the morning, so was now stranded.

Traffic was insane, so I decided to run home (approx. 5 miles). I threw my sandals in my purse and set off. The traffic was bumper to bumper, and I was easily passing everyone. But I was wearing work clothes and clutching my purse like a baby under my arm, so I must have looked at least a little crazier than normal.

About 2 miles later a car pulled up beside me and a little Asian chick asked if I wanted a ride. At first I said no (mama told me not to get into stranger’s cars), but she insisted – she said she had seen me running barefoot from a while back and she felt so bad for me. She really did look sympathetic, so I didn’t have the heart to tell her I do this crap for fun. Plus my feet were started to feel the hot pavement and I thought I might start to develop heat blisters (it must have been close to 100F, if not more). So I got in her car. She was a pretty small girl, so I felt I could easily take her if she tried to attack me.

She turned out to be super nice. She gave me gum and told me about places I could visit in San Diego. It turns out she used to live only a few blocks from me, so she knew the area. It was so nice of her to take the time to drive me home, even though traffic was horrible.

I used the daylight that was left to shower and do some chores. Then I sat around and waited for night to fall. It was a gorgeous evening and it was kind of nice to be unplugged from everything for a change. We went for a long walk and tried to find some constellations. The guy on the radio said the streets were “weird and eerie,” it was sort of like a zombie movie. Double tap!

We didn’t have anything ready for dinner since we had planned to go out, so I drank some pickle juice and Shacky polished off the Jack Daniels. It was a good dinner.

Tomorrow we’re heading up to buy some fresh lamb from a local farmer. He also has some fruit trees (Asian pears, pomegranates, grapefruit, apples), which we picked from last week. So I’m excited about that. Add some running in there and it should be another great weekend.

Finally, I’ve been meaning to post this video for a while because it’s awesome and genius and I can play it over and over without ever getting bored. I hope you love it as much as I do. Have a great weekend!

Direct YouTube link HERE.

4 responses

  1. It was kind of eerie huh? I can only imagine what you looked like running along the road like that! oh boy! I’m sure everyone was silently jealous because you were passing them. That was very nice of that girl to offer you a ride. I like being unplugged. I sat outside for hours with my neighbors just talking and drinking wine until the power came back on. It seems like these days we need an excuse to do that. If the power wasn’t out we would have never joined together like that for a night. It was nice.

  2. I have not been out at night to look at the sky in far too long. The boys really like to go for walks at night but its too bright in the city. I used to love running a paper route when Jupiter and Sam were little. I would drive around the Kansas countryside in the middle of the night and oh the things I saw! Stars, storms, the aurora, fires, huge black bulls walking down the road and almost hitting him…I know it was him by his swaying sack and his jaunty swagger. I had to wait on him for at least half a mile. I even through things at him and he would not move. Finally he turned down a road and I got past him…….glad you had a nice evening and so nice to hear about the nice chic that gave you a ride.

  3. I like how doing “without” modern technology can bring us together. Mama didn’t warn you about drugged gum?!

    And I definitely appreciate the beauty of an un-light-polluted night sky!

  4. Darn thing ate my comment! Here we go again:

    After one of CA bigger earthquakes (don’t remember which one) the power went out and people could see the starry night as it really is. Some started calling news stations asking if maybe the stars were the cause for the earthquake, there were so many of them that night.

    I am noticing that as I add years to my calendar I am becoming more trusting of people and I enjoy even those short lived encounters immensely.

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